The scalable nature of this technology allows for it's operation in virtually any indoor agricultural application, regardless of size.

Enriched levels of Carbon Dioxide in greenhouse environments can lead to over 200% increase in photosynthetic rates and yield potential.

Bottled gas and carbon dioxide (CO2) generators are the most common methods of atmosphere enrichment in greenhouse applications. Bottled gas is costly and only available in areas in close proximity to distributors while CO2 generators require access to a combustible such as Natural Gas or Propane. Current methods of CO2 enrichment are carbon positive and incur high operational costs.

Infinitree systems utilize proprietary technology to concentrate ambient atmospheric CO2 and discharge it within greenhouse environments, enhancing photosynthetic rates and increasing yields. CO2 is sourced on-site from ambient air and can be supplied at any enrichment level.

By sourcing CO2 from ambient air, Infinitree systems decrease atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration while providing greenhouse operators with a more cost-effective sourcing option.


CO2 is a costly additive to indoor garden environments. Our product can source CO2 in a far less expensive manner than currently available methods and only requires a minimal amount of electricity to operate. Forget tank refills or generators, Infinitree plug-and-go systems need nothing more than a 120v outlet.

Commercial Greenhouses

Our product can source CO2 without the burning of combustibles or sourcing bottled gas. Our solutions provide affordable, safe, and carbon-negative enrichment for any sized application.